“I just recently discovered your amazing work. Holy hell you are gorgeous.”

"I just recently discovered your amazing work. Holy hell you are gorgeous."

Layering on the Diapers for Your Squishy Experience


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7 June 2012

Ah, you’ve done it again! I’m so disappointed in you! You know what the punishment is. And I don’t care who’s around to see you and just when your father is getting home. You’re going to listen to your mum or I’m going to have to think of something even more humiliating, uncomfortable, and downright gross for you to deal with! Do you understand??

Now, sweetie, just do as I say. I’ve got a brand new pack of big diapers for you, a fresh supply for you to dress yourself with. That’s right. You’re going to put on a huge diaper, wrap it around, and tape it right to your naked skin! …but not before you coat the inside with a WHOLE jar of petroleum jelly. That’s right… that’s going to feel SO squishy, icky, unnerving against your bare bottom! How are you going to stand it?

Oh, no, that’s not it. You’re going to put on another big diaper over the first one… and ANOTHER diaper on top of that! And another and another and… Can’t do it yourself? Then, just let me do it! I’ll tape you up so secure that you feel like you may never be free again! How uncomfortable and embarrassed you’re going to be!