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Infamous On-Screen Gusher Must Prove His Squirting Abilities on the Spot


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10 May 2010

Check out that reporter. Isn’t she hot? Even in her tight little suit and glasses, she’s got something. Yeah, you bet she must be a real firecracker beneath it all. You can tell by the way she holds herself, the way she thrusts her tits out when she talks on camera, and that bright pink gloss. Otherwise, it’s just another interview.

This time, you’re promoting your new adult film: “The Sex Sense: I See Hot People.” You’re the big star once again, the most famous adult male porn actor in the world. They don’t call you “The Gusher” for nothin’. You have the amazing ability to come in glorious amounts of man-jizz, spouting again and again while the camera catches it all on tape for your adoring fans… female AND male.

You’re the man EVERYONE wishes they could get in bed with. You’re fairly humble about it… until you’re challenged. And what?!?! This crack reporter pointing the microphone at your face right now just called you out on national television. Yep, she dared to say it. She’s reminding the viewing public, your own fans and customers, that those rumors are lurking about the supposed falsehood of your cum shots. How dare she?!

There’s only one thing you can do. You’ve got to take this opportunity to set the record straight and prove your film star reputation while showing off just one everyone can expect from your upcoming movie. You’ve got to gush on-camera and on the spot, right here and right now.

That sexy little reporter doesn’t know who she’s dealing with… or what she’s in for. Besides, you can get ANYONE to take their clothes off for you, including this sassy little reporter. Let’s get this show on the road!