"This was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever watched/experienced. That's all I can manage to say for now. The blood hasn’t gone back to my brain yet."

I’m Waiting for My Foot Orgasm


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5 August 2013

Is it possible for a woman to enjoy blissful waves of orgasmic delight from stimulation of her lovely foot alone?  We know any part of the body can become an erogenous zone; it’s only that some spots are more apt than others.

What would it add to my foot fetishist fans’ enjoyment to know that a woman can indeed have – and has! – an orgasm with the slightest foot stimulation?  Would you think about inducing those incredible waves of pleasure as you stare at a particularly pert pair of feet, toes, or exposed soles?

Thanks to one of my fans, I got to fantasize about all the orgasmic possibilities reading the report in the Huffington Post about a woman documented as having orgasm after orgasm solely with foot stimulation: “Is a Foot Orgasm Real? First Known Case Reported by Woman in the Netherlands.”

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