"Your remind me of two actresses, Lynn Collins and Mira Sorvino. Not just in your appearance, but also in how you emote."

I’ll Make You Suffer before You Make Me Late


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6 March 2012

You what?!?! You have to use the bathroom… NOW??!! But we’re about to go out the door. We’re gonna be late! I can’t believe you! No, no, no… you’re not going to cause me any trouble. This isn’t my problem. You’re just going to have to hold it, you pathetic weakling.

You’re not doing this to me. Keep your coat on; we’re leaving. NOW! I’ll just fasten this cock cage tight around your dick. Put it on; that’ll keep you locked up and controlled for as long as I need. It’s so tight, your urethra will be squeezed shut for as many hours as required! No spillages, guaranteed!

Oh, and you’re going to pop this Viagra pill too… just to ensure your as big and hard as those graduated metal rings will allow you and there will be NO leakage whatsoever. Quit you’re complaining… I’m going to keep you like that all evening long!