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If I Could Get You to Punish Your Balls Any Way That I Wanted…


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10 March 2012

Oh, gosh. This must be my most favorite question of all. THIS is my own little fantasy. If I could cause you any pain of my choosing… if I could construct your own painful afternoon of experiences… if I could cause you bodily harm to torment you well past the end of our intimate session together… well, there’s a lot that I would think of doing to you… well, making you do to YOURSELF.

You know you want it… you know you deserve it. This little girl is going to hurt you, long distance, over the airwaves, but so very intimately because I really am right here with you. I’m feeling your pain just as I’m causing it… laughing just as I console you… egging you on just as I’m wishing your testicles well again so we can share more time together in the future.

* For the full effect… have these optional accoutrements on hand: a pen, water bottle (at least half-filled), a leather belt, and a digital camera.

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