“You made me feel very special with your email. Thank you!”

"You made me feel very special with your email. Thank you!"

I Know the Smell of a Man Makes You Come


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29 October 2012

We have to talk about this. I mean, you just ran in here crying… I do understand. I do. I mean… well, no one intended to humiliate you. I never set out to hurt your feelings. I’m not embarrassed, disappointed, or even surprised. I should’ve known. I mean, I SHOULD have.

You… Well, I didn’t know my ex was going to be there… I don’t know why I suggested we all get in the hot tub naked… (well, I did wonder if my memory of his HUGE cock was all just a fantasy) I didn’t mean for HIM to see your, um, smaller penis… but why did you get an erection?!? When he squeezed past you with his fat cock so close to your face and you could smell his ass… you popped your load right ON him!!

I had to… I didn’t know what he’d do I… I can’t believe what took place after that… remember the details?? I do… and here you are all embarrassed, freshly fucked, and you’ve come twice already! I… I didn’t know you are… well, you always take so much longer to get hard for ME!! Are you hard AGAIN now??! Oh, do you remember the way my ex smells?

I have to confess… I let him fuck me after you ran away… you can still smell him on the cum in my pussy… smell it… does that make you hard? Oh, you want to come again now, don’t you! Do it. Come hard for me, my sweet little GAY husband!!