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I Have Soft, Thick, New Cloth Diapers for You


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4 September 2013

Look what mommy has for her big boy… new cloth diapers!  It’s been so expensive for me to keep you in disposable diapers all this time.  And there’s no end in sight for your messes, is there?  Oh, but what a time I’ve had trying to set up a new diapering system for you!

I had to go to a special seamstress just to have your new cloth diapers hand-sewn for your special size.  And it’s been so long since I’ve used cloth diapers, that I had to learn several techniques just for wrapping you up in them!

Would you like me to show you the different ways I can diaper you now?  Let’s not forget the clasps: I don’t know if these pins will be safe enough for my big boy, but I have special safety pins just in case.  If I accidentally poke my boy’s tender skin, I’ll be sure to kiss it all better!

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