"The time you take, the effort you put in is part of what makes your collection a powerful and erotic experience."

I Have a Delicious Virgin Completely at My Mercy


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25 November 2009

Look what we have here… Oh, are you feeling a little helpless at the moment? Don’t worry. You’re in good hands! Oh, these are VERY skilled hands. Have you ever come at a woman’s touch before? Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just going to climb on top of you while you’re all tied up and can’t get away… after I make sure your wrists and ankles are definitely secure.

You look so intimidated. It must really be your first time! A virgin? At your age?? Aw… I’m going to be so good to you… You’re already hard as a rock and about to rip right through your pants with all that pent up pressure. Shall I release you?

Do you like it when I squeeze your package like this? …when I stroke your bulge like this? …when I remove your belt, unfasten your button, unzip your pants, and my fingers find their way into that open crotch of your underwear? …when I slowly unbutton my blouse, remove my bra, and press my bare tits to your face? …when I get so excited that I rip your tightie whities right off, wet you with my own mouth, and give you a handjob that’ll make you cry for mercy??