“Only wished that just this once fantasy could merge with reality.”

"Only wished that just this once fantasy could merge with reality."

Trying Out your New E-Stim as Punishment on your Testicles


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10 September 2010

You crave your dominant mistress’s attention. Every which way it comes. Even now, waiting on your hands and knees, condemned to the floor as your initial punishment, and waiting for her arrival… her ultra sexy, undeniably domineering presence. You can hear her steps nearing now… you’re growing anxious. You hunger for her chosen punishment for you. You’re trembling as your cock grows harder.

You’ve asked for this punishment; you broke the rules on purpose. Can she know that? She does seem to know ALL. No matter… you know a proper punishment will be delivered either way. And maybe – just maybe – if you’re REALLY lucky, this time she’ll choose to implement the new device in her arsenal, a sort of “gift” for issuing even stricter punishment on those special occasions when you need to be put in your place and reminded of your slaving, submissive status.

Just maybe you’ll get to feel that one-of-a-kind pain, that pulse of electric shock issued directly to your bare body and controlled by a small handheld output device that only your mistress herself holds. You know that she won’t ever, does never, disappoint you. She only issues the most deliberate, punishing, continuous, and fear-instilling program of punishment.