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I Don’t Know Why I’m Made Fun of for My High-Waisted Panties


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13 August 2011

I don’t know why women don’t wear these anymore. There’s nothing like a pair of full coverage, high-waisted nylon panties. So comfortable, smooth and silky, not a panty line to be seen! I don’t know why others make fun of me. I don’t know why they’re not in style anymore.

I remember the time my coworker pulled my pants down in front of everyone… I was SOOOO embarrassed!! It was unbelievable, the worst day of my life. Everyone saw my big panties, EVERYONE started shouting “granny panties” at me!! It was so humiliating.

I’ll never go through that again or allow that to happen. For all they know, I’m wearing skimpy briefs now. Oh, these jeans slide on so well over my big bottom panties!

And… oh no!!! The waist of my panties is higher than my jeans!!! You can SEE my panties! Everyone’s going to see my panties!!!