"No woman has ever stimulated me like you can. When I'm watching you I legitimately feel like I'm under some sort of beautiful spell. Please keep up what you're doing, you're absolutely amazing."

How to Beat a Coronavirus


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24 March 2020

I’m so BORED. It seems like we’ve been self-isolating for AGES. I’m out of stuff to do… I masturbate ALL day long. My pussy is wet and tired and… it feels like my hot life is just passing before my eyes.

And then, YOU… my best guy friend… come over to tell me there’s a cure. That there’s a way to stop all this insanity and LIVE again! That there’s a way to get immunity. And it’s not a vaccine, but it’s so NATURAL, it really makes perfect sense! ….even though I stopped listening to the news ages ago. I can’t believe I missed the public health announcement.

I’m so glad YOU came to tell me and… to save me! With your amazing, super-cum you’re so generously offering up just for ME!!! You’re my best friend in the whole world!!!! Don’t make me wait a second longer… stick it in my mouth!!!