“You’re far and away the best performer out there in my opinion.”

"You're far and away the best performer out there in my opinion."

How Much Do You Think the Sight of My Naked Breasts Is Worth?


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29 January 2016

Just how much do you think I’m worth? I mean, REALLY worth. You’re right. You can’t place a price on infinite beauty… on “gorgeous beyond all comprehension”… but what number do you think may come remotely close to accurately valuing the vision of my divine appearance? What amount would do justice to my perfect breasts themselves?

$100? No, way too little. $1000? Not even close. Yes, the worth of the very existence of my divine breasts themselves is much closer to 1 MILLION DOLLARS. Yes, yes, that’s what you will pay. You want to. You need to. It’s time for you to acknowledge my full worth. I’m going to charge you one million dollars per hour to see my magnificent breasts. Of course, I must cut that hour down as I assume you can’t possibly afford their actual value. $1 million/hour is $16,666.67/minute. Still way too steep for your budget. I don’t want to damage you financially; I’m too nice for that.

I’ll have to think of a way to make this video affordable for you. One mere second would cost $277.78, but you deserve the opportunity to take in my breast beauty for less than $100. If I show you ONE breast instead of two, the sight will cost you just $138.89 per second…and if I flash this chosen breast for less than one second, you can actually pay a very affordable $99.99 for this magnificent gift: just 70% of a second to view a single breast. You won’t have to feel guilty for underpaying me; you will have paid the equivalent of $1 million per hour to see my breasts!

Yes, I know that, as a true fan and connoisseur of quality erotica with truly discerning tastes, you would never accept this video clip for less than what I’m charging. BUT if, for some reason, you’re not doing too well financially at the moment and just can’t afford it, I still don’t want you to miss out. That’s why I’m showing, in the image for the clip to the right, the portion of the video where I reveal my breast.

Oh, yes, you’ll buy this clip… even though you’ve seen both my naked breasts before in other video scenes and even though I give away the prized view itself. But you are specifically now paying to see my breast in THIS clip, and I know you’re happy to pay for that honor. I’m happy to give you that pleasure. You’re welcome.