"I’m finding it difficult to refrain from excessively praising the woman who introduced me to a higher form of erotica."

Breasts Are a Woman’s Best Asset


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2 August 2018

Take great care of your bazoongas, and they will take great care of YOU.  Mind my words, ladies.  This breast educational video is made with your breasts in mind.

Your melons should always be on your mind; they lead the way to all your past and future successes.  Mind my tips and expert demonstrations of professional and loving breast care, and you will find everything you want in life will be possible… and your cha chas will get BIGGER!

Let’s not mince words or shy away at hearing all those wonderful euphemisms for our titties.  Watch how I massage and manipulate and APPRECIATE my milk jugs, and your bee stings will develop into great sweater puppies in no time!

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