"I never had fantasies until I found you."

Hands Off, Sis. He’s MY Son!


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19 January 2021

THAT SLUT!! I KNEW IT! There’s not a single thing my slutty sister can keep her hands off — especially when it’s MINE!

I can’t believe she’s done this. Gone so far. MY BOY!! She’s gone after him with her slutty bitchy witchy wiles and thinks she can take MY BOY away from me?!

I know it’s not his fault… it’s just not. He’s completely innocent, my perfect boy. He’s just… confused. That must be it. He just needs to have his attention directed elsewhere.

He needs to realize what he has RIGHT HERE. In his own home. Right before his eyes. At his fingertips. Day and night.

There’s not a thing that slut has or can do that I’m not ten times better at. And I’m going to love shoving that in her face!!  And my son’s…