"First and foremost, let me say... why aren't you a professional actress? You could truly be a great one, not that I don't appreciate your current line of work..."

Are You Going to Arrest Me, Officer?


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4 July 2017

I’m the best in the business, as high-class as they come in my line of work… lucky you.  But you don’t intend to partake of my services.  No, you plan to get me to admit to my illegal business practices so that you can arrest me.

But I’m so good that… even that situation is something I’m prepared to handle just as well as all the men – and cocks – I’ve taken care of so very well.

It doesn’t take long for me to get you to see my side of things… to fall for my sweet persuasion… to sample the goods.  As I said, I’m the best in the business.

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