"You seem to be actually into your videos no matter the subject and you are really great at acting out some of the more fantastical scenes."

Fooling Around and Fondling Ourselves Together with Your Hottest Gay Fantasy


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7 October 2016

Halloween is the sluttiest time of year, you know. Why aren’t YOU dressed up? Come on… take advantage of the sexy season. I’m already dressed as a slutty schoolgirl; now, it’s your turn. I know what YOU really want to try… something you’re too shy to do on your own? Something to do with fingering your little asshole… hee hee hee.

I’ll help you! Why don’t you put on a hot bra and thong and get into the mood. Pretty yourself with a bit of makeup and… I’ll gently persuade you to finger yourself. I’m going to finger myself too! We’ll both play with our “pussies” together! And while we’re doing it, while you’re working at that hot, sexy thing you feel so shy about, I’m going to detail the HOTTEST gay fantasy you’ve ever heard! Imagine a tall, handsome male model in this room with us…