"Let's face it, the Internet is full of pretty hot women, even if not all of them are quite on your level. What makes you so utterly, totally unique is that you so are so visibly *thinking*."

Following Your Direction for Blindfolded Fun


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3 February 2009

Now, why do you have me sitting here wearing the requested sexy lingerie while you stand over me with that mischievous look in your eye? If I didn’t know better, I’d guess that you’re up to something… some sort of surprise for me…

You want me to do what? Oh, THIS blindfold? I don’t know… Okay, I’ll put it on. Just for YOU. I think this may be fun…

Now, what will you have me do next now that I can’t see anything at all? I feel so vulnerable. But it’s so sexy just hearing your deep voice deliver orders designed especially for me from the darkness all around me. Yes, I’ll undress for you… Yes, slowly… anything you want.

You want to see me touch myself and feel the wonderful shape and feel of my own body with my hands? Oh, this feels so extraordinary without sight…. Mmmm… really good! Do you want me to come for you blindfolded as well?