"You play the characters in your movies so convincingly that realism adds to the intensity of my orgasms."

Mysterious Masked and Silent Seductress Invites You to Watch


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15 February 2009

She slithers in as a sexy, unexpected surprise, passing right before your eyes but remaining just out of reach… She’s wearing alluring lingerie: a satin and lace corset and matching g-string. And you’re dying to see what’s just beneath them. She’s wearing an erotic mask, heavily decorated, feathered and beading, revealing only her dark and mysterious eyes and the slightest glimpse of her full lips painted in dark lipstick.

Shhhh… she’s here just for your enjoyment, and you must be just as silent as she. She wants you to enjoy every moment, take in every sound of her bare skin on the silk covered bed, and every deep and throaty moan she utters as she begins to play with herself… all so that you will continue to watch. Listen intently to the sound of the massive vibrator working at her smooth pussy and the heaviness of her own orgasmic shudders and cries…