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Drunk Maid Makes a Move on Her Boss


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28 February 2009

I’ve been working hard all day. I think I’ve finally got everything cleaned and fluffed and ready for you, just the way you like them done. Oooh, what’s that over there? Your bar? Mmmm… I do love a drink… or two… or twelve.

I’ll just pour myself a shot of this yummy rum. There’s so much in the bottle; you’ll never know any is missing. I promise. Oh, that disappeared so fast! And went down so smooth. Maybe I’ll have just one more drink… Maybe two. Hmmmm… I feel so warm and tingly. *hiccup* I deserve another drink. Forget the glass; it’s just too small and it seems to be swallowing up all of my alcohol before I get a chance to drink any! *hiccup*

Mmmm… I’m feeling kinda horny. How’d my dress get up around my waist? *hiccup* Oooh, my hand between my legs feels so good. Oh! You’re home already! *hiccup* I have something to confess… I have a thing for you, boss! Don’t mind my drunken kisses between hiccups…

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