"You are an amazing actress and you do fulfill all fantasies."

Don’t Get Us Caught… I’m Going to Fool around with You while Your Wife’s in the Next Room


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17 March 2012

Are you hiding from me? Now, why would you do a thing like that? I know you’re attracted to me… Don’t worry. I’m sure your wife won’t here a thing… unless I compel you to make too much noise. You’re not going to do that, are you?

Do you think if I ask you to slap your cock, she’ll hear it? What if you make too much noise stroking your cock with all that lube? Oh, I’m going to make the most of this situation of course… I’m going to enjoy it thoroughly myself. I’m getting hot already, just seeing how hard you are for me… and the fact that we’re sneaking around together like this. We could be caught any minute!

Especially when I make you beg for me to play with my breasts and pussy out loud! My nipples are almost as hard as your cock… don’t forget to announce you’re coming over and over when you’re finally wracked with a very naughty, secret orgasm!