"Tara, thanks so much for your attention to detail with your work. It's really amazing to be able to partake in the fantasies which you create to escape the every day life."

Do You Dare Taste Your Own on the Job?


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16 June 2012

Come on… you know you want to. Do it for me? Of course, you will. You’re already turned on… your cock is already aching… you can taste the memory of that sweet cum on your lips… and you will show your devotion to me. Even on the job… even while at work… you know you deserve it.

You’re devoted to me, because I’m devoted to YOU! We have a great thing going, don’t we? The perfect relationship… and I’m going to deliver another powerful orgasm and sweet, sweet cum eating experience as you sneak me off to a private location to get off and come for me. Come for me now… yes, you will.

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