You’re fantastic at audio stories. I love your really seductive tones!

"You're fantastic at audio stories. I love your really seductive tones!"

Destroying My Boyfriend’s Bitch’s Tight Clothes and Shoes


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16 July 2011

I can’t believe this. This ISN’T happening to me! I can’t believe he’d do this. These aren’t my clothes. They must belong to his SLUT! He MUST be cheating on me! And she’s even SMALLER than I am!!

I can’t believe how tiny these clothes are… there’s no way I could get into them. She must have TINY tits! Is this HER g-string? Can you even call this underwear?!?!? How does she wear these things? Look at her pants on me, tiny little bitch. She’s half my size… and I’m stretching out all her clothes! ha ha!!!

Oops… I just ripped a big hole right in the crotch. Oh, I be that’s going to piss HER off! Ha! Look how tight these things are on my own ass!! Oops… ripped again! I’ll just rip them some more… on purpose!! And her bra… who would leave ME for a woman with no tits?!?!

These shoes… these short, stubby little sneakers… I’d have to slice away the toes and coat the ends clear off in order to wear them… I’ll try that NOW!