“You made me feel very special with your email. Thank you!”

"You made me feel very special with your email. Thank you!"

Caught in a Girlie, Playful Moment Before Teasing Your Voyeur’s Hard On Away


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12 August 2010

You’re just around the corner, not even intending to catch me in a private moment. But as I wrap up my shower and pass by the large floor-to-ceiling mirror, I take a peek, and have to stop and compliment myself. I start to tease my own image in the mirror… talking dirty, posing every which way, flashing and showing off, and even singing a bit as I end up giggling… all the time, thinking I’m completely alone. I would never reveal my silly side to anyone; I’d keel over in embarrassment if anyone happened to see me.

And when I turn the corner, ending my personal, playful charade, I’m completely shocked to find YOU standing right there… and with a raging hard on!! I don’t know whether to be completely embarrassed or wholly flattered. Well, I couldn’t just leave you like that. After all, it’s early morning and you’re about to head out the door to work. Isn’t it my duty to take care of that little issue in your pants? After all, I caused it!

Oh, but you were the naughty one for not revealing your hiding place and being the devious little voyeur in the corner. Oh, you’ll pay all right… by giving me a fantastic show and TELLING me just how much you desire me as I put on a little tease show for you as well. If you’re really good, I’ll even lick you clean afterward!