“I know this is a bit odd, but you are the only one that can do this…”

"I know this is a bit odd, but you are the only one that can do this..."

Breaking in My Borrowed Slave Day 4: Tempting You with My Luscious Legs for a Permissable Orgasm


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24 November 2010

It’s obvious that you’re beginning to grow on your new, stand-in mistress. Only a few more days left together, and she’s been growing more and more fond of you, needing you for this or that, and finding clever, sexy ways to fill your time together. This time, she’s beckoning from the bedroom.

You crawl in, as ordered, and find her sexy shapely legs clad in fishnet pantyhose and… is she wearing any panties beneath that short pleated skirt??? You’ve never been permitted in her bedroom before, and now, your assigned mistress is lying provocatively before you at face level and… begging to be tickled.

She wants her feet stroked, her toes caressed, and the curves of her calves traced with your hands. Her laugh is so seductive. And you absolutely MUST obey her commands and wishes. You have no choice… but to touch those legs and maybe, just maybe, yourself this time as well.