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Breaking in My Borrowed Slave – Day 1: Tend to My Boots and Feet


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9 October 2010

So, it’s just you and I, ay? What in the world am I going to do with you!? When my girlfriend mentioned dropping something off for me to “take care of” while she’s on vacation… well, I NEVER guessed she meant a real man!! What am I going to do with you for a full week? Are you house trained?

You crawled in on your hands and knees at her side, so I suppose I’ll just leave you there. Follow me then… I think I can think of something to occupy you with. I wouldn’t want your training to go to waste. She did say you’re extremely dutiful and obedient. Is it my shiny knee boots you’re attracted to? You haven’t taken your eyes off of them since you were left with me.

As your new babysitter and temporary mistress… well, I say that the first order of business and your first task is to wash my beautiful boots for me… with your tongue! Get them nice and shining for me. That’s it. Oh, I would REALLY enjoy a great foot massage. Are you capable of that? Do you normally tend to your mistress’s feet? Oh, my, you ARE skilled! And I want you to bathe my feet with your tongue as well… after you breathe in the full scent of my newly removed boots of course and have freshened them up a bit for me. Hee hee.

Now, I know just how to wrap up our first day together. You see the incredibly soft, wrinkled sole of my bare foot you’ve just washed with your own mouth so well? I’m going to smother you with it… just enough to make you blissfully rested of course! We have another full day together tomorrow!