“I love your clips. I got all the enthusiasm in the world when you’re involved. Can’t wait to see what you do next.”

"I love your clips. I got all the enthusiasm in the world when you're involved. Can't wait to see what you do next."

Between You and I, Eating Your Own Cum Is the Ultimate Thank-You


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4 August 2014

You know what I believe… I believe that… well, you know, that most delicious of all indulgences, that most taboo form of self-play, that super HOT natural notion of eating your own cum is… well, INCREDIBLY SEXY. It’s not for sissies, no symbol of your sexual preferences, no, it’s… the very best way in which you can express your gratitude for me… for just how I make you feel, direct your masturbation, and encourage you to come on my command for your ultimate pleasure. Just eat that wonderful seed of your sexual energy!

And you’re going to do it for me right now, while you admire me and all my curves you most admire. Oh, did you notice my pantyhose? I’m rubbing my sexy feet and smoothing my hands over my curvy legs for you.. and you’re going to do me the favor of shooting onto your own tongue…