"It was probably you who gave me my first experience of masturbating."

Beat that Meat for Me, Boy


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12 April 2010

Just what do you think you’re doing here?!? Oh, is that so! You think you’re taking my daughter out tonight? I don’t know what’s gotten into her lately, but I don’t think her father would approve at all of her dating someone like you.

Listen here, boy, and listen good… There will be NO FUCKING tonight, do you understand?! I know how you young men are… especially those of YOUR type. All you think about is “pussy, pussy, pussy!” You think with your dicks…. well, you won’t be putting yours into my daughter! Now, whip it out.

You heard me. Let me see that meat of yours. Now, pull on it. Do it now. Beat that meat. You’re not going to have anything left to impress or despoil my daughter with tonight!