“Wow, holy cow, Tara. You’ve really overwhelmed me. You are so talented and imaginative.”

"Wow, holy cow, Tara. You've really overwhelmed me. You are so talented and imaginative."

Beat That Meat for Me, Boy – Part 2


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15 September 2010

So, you’re probably wondering why I called you over while my daughter, your girlfriend, is away. There’s something we need to talk about. I heard that you were a gentleman with my daughter on your date. That’s very good, boy. I wouldn’t expect anything different considering I had you bust your nut for me right before I let the two of you go out together that night.

You’re very good at following orders, son. There’s just another matter. My husband doesn’t known that you’re… “African American.” I doubt that he’ll approve of you dating his daughter. And, listen, I know exactly what you want from her. That sweet, tight pussy. Pussy, pussy, pussy… Oh, come on. Admit it.

I just have to test something out… to see if you’re good enough for my daughter. You’re already hard. All you have to do is tap this ass. Yes, hit it, son. I’m going to sit on you, ride you hard, and you’re going to do it to me doggy style as well. You’re going to hit this, and you’re going to please this pussy. Do you hear me, boy? Now, drop those pants, and let me see your man meat.