“Your delivery leaves your competitors’ content in the dust.”

"Your delivery leaves your competitors' content in the dust."

Battle of the Sexes: Which One of Us Will Come First and Lose?


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5 September 2010

I feel like playing! And you know what that means… I’m in the mood to challenge you, REALLY challenge you. I want to give you the chance to show off your stamina, your strength and skill from all that we’ve been through together.

That’s right; I’m putting you to the test. Do you think you can hold out while we masturbate TOGETHER, resist the allure of my own sexy body, and hold your own? If not, the first one who comes LOSES! Will that be you? Don’t worry. If you fail the first time, I’ll give you another chance. I am a kindhearted mistress. I’ll let you try for two out of three!

Can you beat me? I’m the one holding the vibrating dildo, stripping off my clothes piece by piece, talking dirty, and… well, you know I hate to lose. I’m just going to have to talk you into losing FOR me! And when you do, time and time and time again, I’ll let you know what your punishment is.

It’s going to cost you. Literally. Now, let the games begin!!