“Your hypnosis videos are always incredible! Thank you for another blissful experience.”

"Your hypnosis videos are always incredible! Thank you for another blissful experience."

Are You Really an Ass Man? Then Tell Me What You Think of These Jeans, Neighbor


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14 January 2010

Hellooooo??? I’m supposed to be checking in on you, per your wife’s request. Where are you hiding, neighbor? Oh, there you are! Is everything all right? Heaven forbid anything goes wrong and my best friend places the blame on little old me for not checking on her hubby often enough! hee hee hee

Well, while I’m here, there is actually something you can help ME with. Do you mind? Oh, you’re so neighborly! Now, the word going around the neighborhood is that you’re an ass man. Is that true?? Oh, no use denying it. All the women have noticed your watchful eye and ass-loving tendencies!

Now, I just want to know if these tight, white jeans I just picked up at the mall fit well enough…. How about when I bend over like this? Or arch my back and stick out my rear like this? Or how about when I walk atop these terribly high heels? I would really love your personal opinion as a true ass lover, as much feedback as you can possibly offer! I’m just going to keep modeling and showing off my curvy ass in different ways for you until…

Oh, you DO like my jeans!!! Why, your cock is about to burst right through your own pants!! My… your wife did task me with watching over and taking care of you while she’s out of town. I guess we better take care of that throbbing cock for you then. I’ll bend over and… beat that meat for me, Baby!!