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My Bubble Butt Bursts Right Out of My Jeans


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22 October 2009

I’m trying on my favorite tight jeans just for you… all softly faded, fitting every curve, even squeezing my thighs and ass into them. Now, I do hope you’ll give me your honest opinion as I show them off for them… pay particular attention to my ass. How does look when I bend over like this? And when I arch my back and stick my ass way out? You better tell me the truth about my growing bubble butt. I hate how it looks!

Oh, but little do I know that when you offer my that funny drink, you’ve spiked it with a special potion… before I have the chance to realize what I’m doing, I’m totally teasing you with my ass… and those two conspicuous little tears right at the corners of my butt pockets peeking at my ass! Oh, yes, I’ve become obsessed with them… I just can’t help sticking my little fingers inside, twirling them around, circling the holes with my finger tips, and inviting you to do the same.

I don’t even notice the holes growing larger, I stick more fingers in, and I’m soon pulling upward on the ass of my jeans until my entire ass is ripped out of my jeans and bursting out in the bare! Oh, my gosh… did I really do that to my favorite jeans?!?!