"I had the pleasure of purchasing my first video of you today and it was absolutely amazing."

Are These What You Want?


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4 January 2022

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Oh, don’t you dare try to deny it! I caught you staring at my tits while we were at the pool. You perv! What is it about a woman’s chest that you just have to drool over? I mean… I’m your roommate for goodness sake! And you’re even STARING at my top now!

I wanted to confront you directly… just get it all out in the open. Are THESE what you’re after? What would you do if I just flashed them at you right now? Oh… is it my nips you can’t control yourself for?? These little things? These poking, protruding, elongated little red bumps I’m flicking between my fingers?

Do you want to watch me squeeze them? Twirl and tug on them? Pull them right towards your face? You like you’re about to come right in your pants! Are you going to come on my nipples, watching me tease them with my own fingers? Are you?!