"You have a dangerous charm. I just want to say, keep up with what you are doing."

Alien Invasion! Sultry Blonde Maiden Is Abducted and Seduced


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12 September 2010

Where am I?? NoOOOOOOO! Help!! Someone!! Anyone??? What is this place? I can hardly see through the darkness. Where’s my shoe?? Wait… what’s that? Is something in the corner lurking in the shadows? Oh no!!

I can hear it getting closer. LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!! There’s no way out. What do I do?? What’s coming at me?? Oh, oh, OH…. oh. Look at you. Such a cute little alien. Hey, do you think you could get me out of here? Wait, what? Are you HUMPING my leg?!?! Get away, you little green perv!!

Oh, god, are you growling? No, no, no!! How did you transform into a gigantic, terrifying monster?? No, don’t come any closer? No, not my skirt! Oh, god, not my panties! Oh, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH. Oh, that feels good. Mmmm… pound me, pound me!!! Yes, do me again!!

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