"The long kiss on the bed melted me, you are a wonderful actor, it felt so real, so awkward, then so passionate with the kiss, and to think you film and act most of this all by yourself ...wow."

A Very Intimate Interview and Voyeur’s Delight Part 1


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4 December 2009

MMmmm… you want to interview me? Really? Well, you caught me at a good time. I’ll just be sitting here in my bath robe… no peeking! hee hee hee …And just need to paint my toenails. You’re actually going to sit there and watch me? Well, keep me entertained then. I hope you have some really good questions for me! Are they dirty ones?

(Tara answers YOUR intimate questions honestly in erotic detail about… her first orgasm and first time masturbating, being caught masturbating, her most embarrassing sexual incident, her clothing malfunction mishaps, whether she goes out in public without panties, the craziest sexual thing she’s ever done in public and getting caught, losing her virginity, simultaneous sex partners, and kissing girls!)