“Your clip blew me away…it really felt like you were actually interested in giving me a great orgasm.”

"Your clip blew me away...it really felt like you were actually interested in giving me a great orgasm."

A Very Intimate Interview and Voyeur’s Delight Part 2


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6 December 2009

Oooh, you’ve got me all warmed up now! So much so that I’m going to have to take this robe off soon… it’s so hot! hee hee hee… I can’t wait for your next question. These are so much fun! I love telling you all my dirty little secrets.

Don’t think I haven’t noticed how the questions have been growing more and more intimate, more and more revealing. And I know you’ve been staring at my sweet little pussy! hee hee hee Have you caught enough glimpses to satisfy you now? Well, all this dirty divulging has definitely made me horny. I think it’s time to give you a little tour of my pussy… and your last question definitely requires a real demonstration in order to answer it…

(Tara answers YOUR intimate questions honestly in erotic detail about… her favorite sexy body part, having anal sex, how she likes to have her nipples played with, how much she loves giving oral and her own special techniques, swallowing, getting facials, the best way to give a woman oral sex, her own sexual fetishes, the hottest sexual experience she’s ever had, her biggest sexual fantasy yet to fulfill, getting horny knowing that YOU stroke yourself while watching her videos, what she thinks about while masturbating, and just how she prefers to masturbate herself!)