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A Hot Halloween Costume Turns Me into a Very Sexy Kitty


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6 September 2010

So, my girl friend insists I go ahead and try on my costume for the upcoming Halloween party… and RIGHT NOW! She’s so demanding. I’ll go ahead and undress in the middle of my day, and see if I can put this sexy kitty costume together. Just for her.

I AM going to look great in it. It’s such a cute idea: a tight leotard, body-hugging black tights, little ballet slippers, elbow-length gloves, a sexy lace choker as my kitty collar, and of course, the quintessential cat ears and long furry tail. So sexy! I have to say… I bet I look better in this costume than my girl friend does! So curvy and demure!

I almost feel like a cat while wearing all these sexy little details… almost feel like meowing… like licking myself… like……..MEOW!!!!

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