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You’re Not Going to Leave Until You’ve Taken Yet Another Drink


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25 July 2014

I just wanted to fix you a nice, relaxing drink. Go ahead, take a sip. Doesn’t that feel good? Go down smoothly? Now, notice anything else? Any new, um, parts of you?

Look! You’re growing! Your belly’s bulging while your legs are expanding… your fingers and toes are getting chubbier while your neck is disappearing… your ass is widening while you’re developing actual breasts! Do you see?! Can you feel it?! It looks WONDERFUL on you! You’re growing round, curvy, rolls are forming, your waist is disappearing… you’re one, sexy hunk of a big, BIG man! Just what I wanted… and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You’re going to have quite the appetite. You’re going to require SO MUCH to fill yourself with! I’m going to feed you until you burst and your tummy’s actually talking out loud to me! Oh, but won’t everyone be shocked by how much you’ve grown? Won’t they talk about and tease you? Who cares… you’re perfect to me, my big teddy bear. The rounder, the better!

* For the full effect… have these optional accoutrements on hand: your preferred food & drink for stuffing yourself at my command!