"I can certainly see why you are #1 - apart from your movies themselves, taking the time to personally write to fans makes a big impression... congratulations on being a fetish superstar!"

Your Virginity and Down-Curved Dick Are Exposed by Your Powerful Date


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21 March 2012

We’re on a hot date… and I can’t wait to get your clothes off! You seem hesitant… are you a virgin? You are?!?? How can that be? You’re not going to chicken out on me, are you? Don’t you dare leave… STOP!

Ha! You didn’t know I could do that, did you? You see… I’m quite powerful… maybe all of us women have magical powers… how would you know? You’ve never BEEN with one of us! ha! Now, with a flick of my hand, your clothes will come flying off… and your underwear too… I’ll raise you into the air to hover above me… I like this!

And… wait. Does your dick actually curve DOWNWARD?!??! I’ve never seen such a thing! It’s like… it’s like… I don’t think that would even actually fit inside a woman’s body! How hilarious! No wonder you’re a virgin. I can’t help laughing… in fact, you’re just going to stay right there, lifted in the air by my power, and you will have NO access to this sexy body of mine!

Oh, I’m going to tease you though… we wouldn’t want to break you just by allowing you to actually touch a woman for the first time. Oh no! No, we wouldn’t want to do that. My… you ARE hard though… look at that curve grow stiff! You’re so proud of your down-curved cock that you’re going to come all over my body below you without so much as a touch. Aren’t you!