"I've turned into a huge fan of yours. Your style of speaking is very natural, easy going, entertaining, and very smooth."

Confronting Your Hot Neighbor, the Source of So Much Sexual Frustration


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28 March 2017

You can’t take it anymore.  The noise from the neighbors’ apartment is just unbearable.  You can’t concentrate, you can’t think… of anything but sex, the sex THEY are having.  It’s so loud, so often, so enormously FRUSTRATING – because you don’t have a partner of your own.  And you can’t even masturbate.

When you knock on your neighbor’s door, she’s wondering why both of your hands are bandaged – you tell her about the freak accident – and when you go on and on about all the noise obviously emanating from her apartment, she puts two and two together: you’re complaining because it turns you on.  You can tell she’s amused by your predicament, but she’s immensely sweet about it.

She swears she and her boyfriend can’t be the cause of all your anguish.  She even proves it to you: inviting you into their bedroom to show you how it’s impossible the headboard slamming sound you hear day and night is actually coming from their apartment.

And while you stand there, in hopes of banishing the sex acts at the cause of all your personal frustration, you find yourself getting a hard on as you watch your neighbor demonstrate every sexual position she and her boyfriend get into.  Neither one of you expects HIM to come home at that moment: you standing there in their bedroom with a hard on and her grinding away on top of the mattress while you watch.  And he’s the jealous type.  Of course, he is.

QUICK!!  You’ve GOT to hide under the bed!!