“I think you are wonderful and I’ve never been as excited by a woman before you.”

"I think you are wonderful and I've never been as excited by a woman before you."

Your Sexy Teacher Is Toe-Tied and Helpless between Classes


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2 January 2012

I can’t believe I let you talk me into this. It was supposed to just be a fun game, a mere joke! Now, you’ve left me like this, right between my classes, and if I don’t manage to untie myself before the bell rings, I might actually be caught like this by my male students!

I can only imagine what they’ll think and how they’ll view me forever afterward. I’ll never command their respect again… seeing me all helpless and desperate, submissive and trapped. Untie me! This toe hold is relentless. I can’t free myself for anything.

The rope is so tight on my poor toes, hurting as I pull and tug, desperately pointing, spreading, and trying to wiggle my toes free. My pantyhose will be ruined… and so will my reputation!