"If I trust anybody to capture my fantasy on video, it's you."

Your Second Chance to Withstand My Wiles for Wealth


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14 December 2017

Ah, here we are again…  Yes, it’s me again: the one who tempted you out of millions.  Just when you were about to succeed in going without any orgasm, any masturbation at all, for a full 40 days, I step in and induce an eruptive ejaculation out of you.  Ah, are you still sore about it?  I won the millions instead of you.  And here you are again, putting yourself through veritable chastity for over 39 days now in order to win BILLIONS this time.

Do you really think you stand a chance?  If I can make you come during your last few minutes of the challenge, I win the billions instead of you.  In fact, I’m so confident in my natural abilities… and your weakness for me and my body… we should make a personal bet to the same.

If I win and make you come before your time is up, you’ll owe me another million dollars… that you don’t even have.  Now, you should remember what happened last time.  I have an obvious, serious sexual power over you…