“You are far and away the best actress of the models on clips4sale.”

"You are far and away the best actress of the models on clips4sale."

Your Favorite Masseuse… and So Much More


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14 February 2017

You’ve been going to the same masseuse for five years – five long years of returning to the same very attractive woman for physical contact as a married man.  In fact, you’re both married, but there’s something – you can’t possibly be just imagining it – else there too.

You’re friends, sure – you do see so much of each other – but you know your masseuse casually touches you in “accidental” ways that she doesn’t need to.  And there is that other point: the fact that after you braved commenting how you actually noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra one time, she’s been in the habit of removing her bra for your session ever since.  That was two years ago.

AND there’s that other thing… that you’ve pretended to fall asleep while being massaged and you know, without a doubt, she purposely pulled the sheet down to expose your cock.  And when you “woke up,” she apologized, claiming you pulled the cover off yourself, in your sleep.

And here you are again.

You’re not interested in being unfaithful to your wife but…