"The long kiss on the bed melted me, you are a wonderful actor, it felt so real, so awkward, then so passionate with the kiss, and to think you film and act most of this all by yourself ...wow."

Your Coworker Catches a Glimpse of Your Tiny Asian Dick


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2 April 2012

I’m so sorry! I didn’t even know the restroom was occupied. I swear! I … uh… are you going to pull your pants up? Are you… why are you just standing there? Oh, did I catch you in the middle of… wait.

Holy-CRAP, your dick is tiny! It’s true… what they say… about… well, the stereotype’s true, isn’t it!! I had no idea… I mean, that thing is totally laughable. Are you proud of it or something? Why don’t you pull your pants up, freak?!

Are all of you like that or are you just an embarrassment to your race? I don’t know but… that’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever walked in on!