Welcome to Tara Tainton TV

THANK YOU for being one of my greatest fans and supporters.

I’m SO excited to introduce you to something very special, which I’ve never offered before…

YOU absolutely love my videos.  And you haven’t even come close to seeing them ALL.

Did you know I’ve performed in and produced nearly 2,000 unique video experiences??


And so, Tara Tainton TV is born—the FIRST & ONLY site offering the streaming Tara Tainton Video Experience.

Now, my amazing collection of scenes is served up, all personally hand-picked, highly recommended experiences for you to tap into whenever, wherever you wish.

Because there’s so much you haven’t seen… because there’s such a long wait to TT Tuesday.  And, of course, because YOU asked for it.

You’re now personally invited to indulge in my all-new Tara Tainton TV service—now streaming.

~ Wall-to-wall TT video experiences ~
~ New viewing added daily ~ Every fetish and genre served ~
~ Discover classic, must-see, and long-forgotten scenes ~
~ Uncover your own new fetishes & interests ~

* * * * *

The difference between The Tara Tainton TOTAL Experience you’re already enjoying at LoyalFans and the all-new Tara Tainton TV is simple:

The Tara Tainton TOTAL Experience is STILL your only connection to ME, personally, in every form you’ve been enjoying: the only place to message me, submit requests, receive the latest news and updates, tap into any NEW offerings, get to sneak peeks at the feature videos I have in store for you week to week, earn major loyalty points and perks via your length of subscription, and access any NEW & EXCLUSIVE content (audio, video, photos, etc. I create and share ONLY for my LoyalFans—BONUS content not offered anywhere else).

Tara Tainton TV is exactly what the name says: your service for streaming my vast collection of videos, which I personally pick to share for your viewing pleasure, every day.  Think of it as Netflix for TT flicks.  More of me for you to enjoy, a personal tour of my thoroughly fun videos, most of which you’ve never even seen.

I’ll see you there…