“I never had fantasies until I found you.”

"I never had fantasies until I found you."

Visiting the Sexy Doctor Specializing in Prostate Massage for a Happy Ending


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14 July 2010

Hello! How are you feeling today? It’s wonderful to see you in my office… have you visited a prostate massage specialist before? Now, I can see that you’re a bit nervous. There’s absolutely no need to be. You’re in for a great experience, and I assure you that I am a trained and highly experienced professional.

All I need you to do is to strip down to nude for me, lie on my examination table right here for me, and I’ll explain everything that’s going to happen in great detail, even as we continue along. It’s imperative that you relax, let that anxiety go, and I’ll introduce you to the benefits of prostate massage.

I’m going to utilize this very small vibrator, have you switch to a few different positions as I work this medical tool deeper inside… oh, and we’ll begin with a nice, relaxing massage of course! I’ll work your neck down to your buttocks. You’re going to leave my office feeling like a completely new man!

And if you happen to get a bit of an erection, don’t worry at all. That’s a perfectly natural reaction, and I’ll give you the option of taking care of it quickly yourself before you get dressed and leave the clinic… OR I can easily and expertly take care of that little erection “problem” myself with a special dual jerking and vibrating prostate massage technique.

Now, it’s time for you to remove your clothing and just lie down for me… there you go… that’s it…