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This Is an Honest Competition… I’m the Only One Allowed to Cheat!


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16 August 2011

Ah, I’ve been dying for this match!! (or YOU may be!) Is it time to start?? The winner takes all… wins the ENTIRE pot of money. I already know how I’m going to spend it. ha!

Now, do I need to remind you this is a fair fight, that this is an honest competition. It’s hand to hand, fist to fist, and I’m going to best you in no time flat! …with the help of a few tricks up my sleeve. Watch me whirl and kick and fly through the air towards your balls! Wonder why I have these slippers on? Because I can knock you unconscious with my foot smell alone! Are you out yet???

Then I’m going to go in for the kill…. I’ve got big bare feet to crush you with… slippers to smother you with… a secret wire hidden between my breasts to press to your neck and…. I’ve won, I’ve won, I’ve won!!!!