"I have to say that your videos are absolutely incredible! I love the sound of your voice, and the sultry coy look in your eyes."

Sweat It Out for Me


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14 November 2014

Oh, now I know you want to get that body in shape… for me. Let’s see what you can do… what you can REALLY do… when you’re appropriately motivated. I want you to put in an hour for me. Yes, a sweaty, HARD, deserving, heart-pumping hour. For me. I know you will; you know you’re ALWAYS rewarded when you do what I ask of you.

So, let’s get started. You’re going to work yourself ragged for a full hour; I’m going to be there to whisper in your ear and keep you on track… surprising you… promising to you… urging you… teasing you… just when you need another little bit of motivation.

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