"I dig your videos!! They don’t make me feel like i’m watching porn so much. Your facial expressions and sincerity delve into left brain a little more. That combined with your natural beauty is leagues ahead of the norm!"

Squishing and Smothering a Tiny Teddy Bear with My Ass


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25 August 2009

Oh, look at the poor little teddy bear… he’s so tiny and vulnerable. I bet he’d love to be smothered between my big breasts. Oh, he likes that! But I know what he likes even more… he’d love to get squished by my huge, naked ass. Watch this!

Poor little teddy bear, all small and soft. He’s so cute… especially when I sit on him and he’s swallowed up between my two ass cheeks! He disappears completely!

Over and over, I pound and smash him, sitting and squatting right on his little body. He loves it! I bet he can barely breathe down there. I can almost pick him up with my cheeks!