"While a fantasy is not supposed to be 'real', you brought a quality that made the idea of it seem real, and that's what it's all about; the idea of it."

Spit Those Eggs Out!


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6 August 2012

Well, hello… girls. You know what I mean when I say “girl,” right??! Of course, you do. You like to eat your own cum, don’t you? That makes you a GIRL! Do you like little spermies swimming in your mouth? Cum down your tongue? Like to think of it as a warm, oozing pool of eggs? Your own dick pointed down your throat??

Are you proud of it? Does it turn you on? Do you want some now! Oh, I know just how to get you to spray a hot load for me right now… by kicking it right out of your balls! Oh, don’t you dare get turned on as I remove my top just to take you over the edge, watching my breasts jiggle and swing with every forceful kick and sharp jab. Like that pain? You shouldn’t! Now, spit those eggs right out of your mouth, cum eater!!

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