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Showing Off My Swimmer’s Body


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16 May 2013

I was just going to go swimming… did you, um, “need” something??  You look a little… HUNGRY or something.  Is it just because I’m wearing a bikini?  No, you’ve seen me in one before… Is it something about my swim goggles?  What’s the big deal?  Oh, you are unique… and I like how I’m accidentally turning you on.

I WAS going to go for a swim, but I guess I can spare a few minutes.  I think you need them!  Why don’t you just go ahead and touch yourself.  Go ahead, I’d like to watch.  I’m just fiddling with my goggles after all, just wearing them around my neck, placing them over my eyes for you, and casually resting them on my forehead… and you’re getting harder…

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